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  • The 99.999% killing power of Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes eliminates viruses and bacteria.
  • Quality Gloves that provide maximum comfort & strength, preventing contact with harmful microbes.
  • Global Medics provides quality product & prompt, professional service to Aged Care providers, Hospitals & Theatres.
  • Clinell Alcohol Gel contains a formula, which combines 70% alcohol & additional biocides; Aloe Vera & Green Tea extracts.
  • Natural Disasters? Are you prepared? We can supply you with products that will equip you for these events...

BojinInControl Wipes

Welcome to Global Medics

The Global Medics Group is a young dynamic company servicing the Australasian market with unique and niche products to the four Key Healthcare market segments – Aged Care, Theatre/Surgical, Hospital and Pharmacy/IT.

Specialisations focusing on: Infection Control,  Pharmacy Automation and Management, Continence Management, Lean Inventory Management and Mobile Computing.

Mission Statement